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Fantique RD7050
Fantique GN4026
Fantique BN3122
Fantique BN3121
Fantique BN3120
Fantique BN3119
Fantique BK0026


Fantique has a similar emboss with Endore, but offers a completely different look to your furniture. It doesn’t have a glossy look to its surface, which makes the furniture more elegant.

  • Coating: Non Glossy
  • Knitting: Single Knit
  • Width: 1.37 m
  • Thickness: 0.7 – 0.9 mm
  • Weight: 440 – 510 gr/m2


*The colors on screen are for prediction only. If isn’t sure, it is suggested that customers see the real product’s sample from our local store.



  • Order quantity: Per running meter. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Minimum length per order: 1 meter. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Maximum length per roll: Up to 55 meters. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Product packing: Wrapped in rolls or folded. (Depends on the quantity)
  • There is no guarantee for continuos sheets in one roll.