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Alyson YW5042
Alyson WT3012
Alyson RD7098
Alyson RD7097
Alyson OG6040
Alyson LY0013A
Alyson LY0012
Alyson LY0011
Alyson LY0010
Alyson LY0009
Alyson LY0008
Alyson LY0007
Alyson LY0006
Alyson LY0005
Alyson LY0004
Alyson LY0003
Alyson LY0002
Alyson LY0001
Alyson GN4040
Alyson BK0040
Alyson BE2020
Alyson BE2019


Alyson offers the lowest price with minimalist design emboss that has a top quality material.

  • Coating: Non Glossy
  • Knitting: Single Knit
  • Width: 1.37 m
  • Thickness: 0.7 – 0.8 mm
  • Weight: 390 – 440 gr/m2


*The colors on screen are for prediction only. If isn’t sure, it is suggested that customers see the real product’s sample from our local store.



  • Order quantity: Per running meter. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Minimum length per order: 1 meter. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Maximum length per roll: Up to 55 meters. (With 1.37 meters width)
  • Product packing: Wrapped in rolls or folded. (Depends on the quantity)
  • There is no guarantee for continuos sheets in one roll.